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Airí Ferrer_Barcelona 1979

I am a  Sustainable Fashion Designer and Consultant in Fashion Productions. I deeply believe that the change in the fashion industry is possible by connection and positive relationship between all parties involved.​ The current fashion linear model has failed. This industry has reached a point of human and environmental degradation. We must face the reality by assuming that the change will be slow and difficult but that with trust as the primary key among human beings, we can reach the change. A change that must be profitable for all involved today in the fashion industry, but in a completely different way.


I have worked for 20 years in the fashion industry from various areas, from design to production  in Europe and Asia. My aim is to support and collaborate with brands, institutions and organizations that want to be part of a community committed to the next generations, the resources of our planet and the people who inhabit it, with Equality, Honesty, Ethics, Sustainability and Transparency as the principal values. 


Thanks to all the companies, organizations and institutions with whom I have the pleasure to collaborate.

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